Software QA Engineer course Software QA Engineer course Software QA Engineer course

Software QA Engineer course Quality Assurance Engineer Online bootcamp is the First Level and designed as the beginner Quality Assurance training that gets you job ready in just 8 weeks. Start a job in IT after learning QA to earn $30-120 per hour. No need knowledge in IT, computer, math by doing simple step by step tasks.

Course Benefits

Top Advantages of Attending Software Testing Training
Learn From Anywhere

When you enroll in an online course, you can be sure that you'll be learning from renowned experts in the field. Moreover, you can access the training from anywhere in the world, at a convenient time for you.

Gain Practical Experience

Numerous companies provide students with the opportunity to work on real-life projects, helping them gain valuable practical experience. This approach not only allows students to actively participate in live projects but also teaches them the importance of teamwork in achieving shared goals.

Discover New Concepts

In the field of software testing, continuous learning is key. Online courses cover all essential aspects, from coding and automation to security testing. With a dedicated support team, you'll always have the assistance you need to excel.

Batch size

10-15 Partic inpants per teem

Job preparatin




Start date
April 2024
Our student work at

Course Timeline

8 Weeks

Every Week

4 Lessons

Each Session

1-1,5 Hours

Projects & Assignments

32 Hours
Our mentor Our mentor Our mentor

Our mentor

Baurzhan Zhylkaidarov


Our Mentor, Baurzhan Zhylkaidarov is a highly skilled and experienced Senior SDET and teacher who is committed to helping aspiring QA engineers develop the skills they need to succeed in the industry. He brings both technical expertise and a passion for teaching to his work, making him a valuable asset to any team he works with.









Software QA Engineer Curriculum:

Intro to Software Quality Assuranse

Part 1 – Webapllication architecture

  • Modern Web Aplication Architecture
  • Front end – Explanation, HTML, CSS
  • WebElements, Chrome Development Tools
  • Data file formats: CSV, JSON, XML, YAML
  • Tokens
  • Front end and Back end, Calls
  • API Requests
  • API Documentation, Swagger
  • Postman – Collections, Enviroments, Variables
  • GraphQL
  • DataBases, introduction. SQL Databases
  • DataBases – non-SQL Databases

Part 2 – Testing

  • SDLC
  • Agile – Scrum
  • Agile – Inside Sprint
  • Agile – Bug Reports
  • Agile – Epic, User story, Test Case, Acceptance Criteria
  • STLC, Types of Testing, Testing Pyramid
  • Functional Testing: new features & regression
  • Intro to test Automation

Part 3 – Job Search

  • Linked In
  • Resume
  • Job Sites

Part 4 – Practice

  • Test Case writing
  • Bug Report writing
  • Mobile testing

Part 5 – Mentoring

  • Mentoring sessions 1-3
Ways to take this course Ways to take this course Ways to take this course

Ways to take this course

Upcoming Batches: Automation Tester

Start date:

April, 2024 (TBA)


Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri


08:30 AM - 09:30 PM EST


32 (8 weeks)

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Software Development Engineer In Test (SDET)32+ HRS
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Why to learn Software Testing Course?

  • Why to learn Software Testing Course?

    Software testing market size valued $45 Billion in 2022 and is anticipated to grow at 5% CAGR from 2023 to 2032. The growth of the market depends on several factors, including the increasing adoption of mobile testing, the availability of cloud-based software testing services, and the rise in test automation services.

    The responsibility of ensuring the quality of software during the development lifecycle lies with the software tester. The tester is tasked with conducting various manual and automated tests to ensure that any newly developed software meets the requirements of end-users and is free from any defects or errors before it is released.

    Various companies are actively seeking individuals with software testing skills, leading to a continuous high demand for testers. The role of a software tester is essential throughout the software development lifecycle, as they ensure that each new product meets optimal quality standards. Therefore, testing expertise remains in consistently high demand across multiple industries.

    SDETs are generally offered higher salaries. The average salary for a Software Development Engineer In Test (SDET) is $123.000 per year in the United States area.

  • What Is Sdet.School?

    SDET.School is Software Quality Assurance Engineer/SDET Online Bootcamp is designed as the beginner quality assurance training that gets you job ready in just months. You don’t require any prior experience in software quality assurance or computer programming in order to take our QA tester courses. With a curriculum that’s been carefully curated by our industry experienced software tester educational tutors, it’s a unique format that condenses years of QA process learning into a few months. The advantages of the approach to QA tester training are clear, our company will have you certified as a QA tester after just one program, we’ll also assist you in your job placement and in securing your first QA position. Attend one of our free webinars where you can meet our dedicated teaching team, have QA explained to you in beginner’s terms, and learn about the benefits of Testing Courses.

    Having a wealth of experience working within the software testing industry, course coordinators know first-hand what hiring companies are looking for in their new recruits. Traditional university degrees, many taking years of study and costing thousands of dollars, have been replaced by shorter form intensive learning programs, known as bootcamps. The advantages of a online bootcamp are endless: they get you into the job market sooner, they can be studied in conjunction with ongoing paid employment, they deliver all the skills that industry hirers are asking for, and don’t waste time on any that they aren’t.

  • Who Can Join

    There is no need here special IT knowledge. The learning process is going by doing simple step by step tasks. You are simply required to have a personal computer with stable internet connection and be prepared in every class.

    We believe that our Software Testing Course can help you become a skilled software tester, regardless of your background or prior experience. Our SDET training course is designed on the fundamental principle that anyone with the ambition and desire to learn can master software testing.

    Our training program is led by experienced professionals who possess more than 10 years of experience in Quality Assurance and Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) roles.

  • What Are The Requirements For Enrolling In A Software Testing Course?

    Our Software Testing Fundamentals Learning Path is designed to help beginners start a new career in IT. We offer a unique program that does not require applicants to pass a technical elimination process to get started. This means that our course is open to everyone! All we ask for are motivated students who are committed to their new career goals, have the discipline to complete projects, and are willing to work hard. These qualities are the key to becoming a successful professional in the IT market, and we will provide you with the guidance you need to stand out and succeed.

  • Which Are The Career Opportunities for QA Professionals?

    QA testers can work their way up to being QA managers, or switch to test automation or strategy. They could even become developers.

    Experienced QA professionals are well-equipped to handle new challenges in fields like customer experience, product management, and enterprise architecture.

    Product management is a good fit for QA professionals because they have a deep understanding of how to improve software quality through reviewing and analyzing it.

    QA professionals have a broad view of the development process, making them good candidates for roles like release managers, product stability managers, and automation engineers in companies that use DevOps.

    QA professionals focus on customers, making them valuable as companies place more importance on customer experience.

    QA professionals are detail-oriented and appreciate independent review, making them great for enterprise architecture roles even though fast-moving software development shops.

  • What Do I Learn In SDET.School Testing Courses?

    Our courses are divided into two main Levels. The first Level covers the basic knowledge you need to become a qualified Software Quality Assurance Engineer. After completing this stage, you can start a new career. If you want to advance further and take your testing skills to the next automation Level, we offer our second advanced course: Software Development Engineer In Test (SDET).


    Level 1 – Software Quality Assurance Engineer (17 weeks):

    Part 1 – Web Apllication architecture:

    Modern Web Aplication Architecture

    Front end – Explanation, HTML, CSS

    WebElements, Chrome Development Tools

    Data file formats: CSV, JSON, XML, YAML


    Front end and Back end, Calls

    API Requests

    API Documentation, Swagger

    Postman – Collections, Enviroments, Variables


    DataBases, introduction. SQL Databases

    DataBases – non-SQL Databases

    Part 2 – Testing:


    Agile – Scrum

    Agile – Inside Sprint

    Agile – Bug Reports

    Agile – Epic, User story, Test Case, Acceptance Criteria

    STLC, Types of Testing, Testing Pyramid

    Functional Testing: new features & regression

    Intro to test Automation


    Level 2 – Software Development Engineer In Test (SDET) (17 weeks):

    Part 1 – Java:

    Java, JDK, JVM

    Conditional operator




    OOP – Classes




    Interfaces, Polymorphism

    Wrapper Classes, Reference types



    Part 2 – Front end automation testing:

    Unit testing with TestNG



    CSS Selectors

    Selenium – Introduction

    @BeforMethod, @AfterMethod

    Synchronization in Selenium

    PageObject Model


    Automation in different browsers

    TestNG in deep

    TestNG – listeners


    Testing with PlayWright (New!)

    Part 3 – API Automation testing

    Postman automation

    Testing API with RestAssures

    Testing with DB Calls

    Hybrid tests

    Part 4 – Misc

    Real Github flow


  • Can You Give Guarantee A Job?

    While we cannot guarantee that you will get a job, we are committed to doing everything in our power to assist you in your job search. Be cautious of institutions that claim to guarantee employment, as these claims are often misleading. Prior to enrolling, it’s essential to verify any guarantees that are made.

    We offer job search resources such as resume critiques, interview preparation, and practice interviews. By applying the skills you acquire during this course, you’ll be able to turn any job opportunity into a job offer.

    Based on the job placement rate of our Testing Courses graduates for the previous two years, over 75% of candidates have been placed in jobs. Although we cannot assure a 100% job placement rate, our team can work together to boost your chances of finding work.

  • What Is The Average Salary Of Software Quality Assurance Engineer/SDET in the USA?

    Our graduates typically earn between $70K to $95K for their first position. Here’s our advice for all program members: You’ll get out of this program what you put into it, like anything else in life. Our coaches are here to guide you, but you must take the course program seriously.

    The salary of an Software QA Engineer or SDET in the USA is highly dependent on experience, location and skill set. According to Glassdoor 2023 database, the national average salary for Software QA Engineer $88K per year and $123K for SDET.

    1. What If I Miss An Online Session?

    Classes are scheduled to run on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays, at 10 p.m. New York Time. Each session is between 45 and 75 minutes in duration. chose an online format for course delivery in order to make our program a flexible option for those who either can’t attend at the specified class times, or who reside outside of the United States in a conflicting time zone. All classes are recorded and accessible to students online at any time for viewing and reviewing purposes. Consequently, is available to a global student population, with the flexibility for self-paced study that works with your life and work commitments rather than against them.


I am deeply grateful to Baurzhan Dosym at Sdet.School for giving me the opportunity to open a new door into my future. It is difficult to find the right words to express my appreciation and admiration for your professionalism.
Sdet.School has been an incredibly fulfilling journey. I was exposed to so much information and had so much fun along the way. The approach to teaching and learning at Sdet.School is remarkable; it is a combination of theory, practice, and much more.
If you want to change your life, I highly recommend joining the Sdet.School software testing course. You will be welcomed into a great IT family and you will not regret it. Do not hesitate, take the plunge and take advantage of this opportunity!

Pavel Belov

Test Engineer

As a former student of, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the SDET program with Baurzhan as my coach. This journey was an amazing experience where I was guided through the process by my coach and given clear instructions on how to proceed.
Initially, I felt the pressure of the program as it focused heavily on data structures and algorithms. But as time went on, I developed skills in programming, automation, resume writing, and even networking. I discovered that the entire interview process for a product organization was much easier to understand.
Five months into the program, I had several offers from product companies, all with generous salaries. I was also assisted in selecting the right offer for me. I would recommend anyone who has the chance to participate in this program to take advantage of it without hesitation. This is how you are going to advance your knowledge and get the dream job easily. Good luck!

Kit Chamier

QA Automation Engineer

SDET.School is the perfect place to learn SDET! I entered the SDET course with zero knowledge and gained confidence in programming, even attending interviews for product-based companies. With data structures and algorithms training, I learned to solve programming questions and technical problems on my own. Through consistent practice and effort, coupled with a supportive team, I was able to write code with multiple solutions. And these skills helped me to get the offer of my dream. The course also covered concepts of API testing and Jenkins [CI/CD] pipelines, as well as resume preparation, GitHub, and LinkedIn profile updates. I received a career plan, a technical plan, and life lessons, and I’m grateful to Mr.  Baurzhan Dosym for his guidance. Thanks to Test Leaf, I got a good position and a massive salary increase. Have fun learning and good luck!

Vishnu Arun

Software Engineer in Test

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